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Great Slates BCA 8-Ball 2015-2016 Champions

There are many teams on this league, which is one of many leagues that play out of Great Slates. BCA, APA, Partners 9Ball and American Rotation to name a few

A team known as "One More Round" won 1st place in the 1st session to earn their way into the end-of-year finals. That win was worth $1300.

In the end-of-year finals, they won first place by ONE SINGLE BALL! It was sooo close, it could have gone either way.. but as fate would have it, the team captain was on the last 8 ball with his opponent having one ball left. It was do or die.. and HE DID! So the team won another $1500.

That's $2,800 dollars that one team won this year.. just playing pool with friends! Many other teams won a share of 1st, 2nd & 3rd place payouts per session as well as 1st, 2nd & 3rd place payouts for the big end-of-year finale.

Anyone can put together a 6 man team and join in, could your team be next to grab some of that cash?

8th Annual Maryland State Nine Ball Bar table Championship

$1000 Added based on 64 players - 100% payback

  • $60 Entry
  • Calcutta
  • Double Elimination
  • Race to 7
  • Race to 9 Finals (one set)
  • Rack Your Own
    - 9 does not count on break in bottom 2 pockets
  • Alternate Break

Must be signed up before 11:30 am
Calcutta starts at 11:30 am

$200 to the best female finish with 10 female players!